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    Sun salutations, sea and sails

    Yacht + Yoga_yoga on a sailing boat

    From day 1 yoga makes you feel good. It's relaxing. It's energising. It's strengthening. You feel better at the end of a session than before you began, and life runs more smoothly. So why not take this joyful and blissful experience on holiday with you?

    We have brought yoga on a sailing boat so that you can do just that. We practise twice a day, following the needs of our body and soul.

    We start with a 30-minute session in the morning to wake us up (not too early, don't worry- we are on holiday after all!). Our morning session starts with meditation and breathing techniques to focus our mind while nature is still calm and quiet. We then get the juices flowing with some hatha-based stretches and give our body the energy for a day of sun and fun.

    When the sun has gone down a bit (the Sardinian sun can be quite intense) and sunset is approaching, we head over to the beach for our second session of the day. We mindfully practise a variety of asanas for just over an hour. Then it's time for what we've all been waiting for: savasana on a beach. At sunset. Bliss.

  • Our Yoga Teacher

    "Yoga is not about being a contortionist (although you might become one in the process). It's about what your body needs. Finding what feels good and accepting your limits."


    An adventurer at heart, Valentina has backpacked around over 40 countries, bruised her knees on a consistent basis well into her 30s and played with nature since she can remember, earning her sisters’ nickname of Mowgli. An important part of her life’s adventure has been yoga: initially just a workout to get fit, it turned into a bigger journey that brought Valentina to travel to India and become a yoga teacher.


    Trained in Rishikesh, Valentina teaches Akhanda Yoga, a holistic approach that encompasses breathing techniques, mantras, asanas (postures), relaxation and meditation.


    Valentina’s lessons focus on helping you to connect with your body and mind, developing a moving meditation practice to promote inner focus and awareness. Drawing from her personal experience of escaping a corporate job and starting up her own company, Valentina will help you discover your inner strength (yes, you already got it) and build resilience through yoga, breathing techniques and meditation. You will feel replenished, energised and focused.

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