• Our Yachts

    Greater comfort, stability and more space

    Yacht + Yoga holidays are about relaxing, taking time to enjoy the sea and having the space (both mental and physical) to practise yoga. For our trips we choose sailing vessels that ensure comfort, give us the freedom to practise yoga on deck and make our sailing experience the smoothest possible.

    Here are some of the yachts we use during our holidays across the Mediterranean. Sometimes we use different brands depending on availability (contact us about it!) , but the idea is that we'll have space and comfort to enjoy our time on the sea.

  • Our yacht in Greece

    OceanStar 56.1

    Our home away on the sea will be a spacious Ocean Star 56.1, a monohull that offers a great sailing experience. Comfort and style are guaranteed by a large teak deck and nice sunbathing area in the front, stylish interior, and an en-suite toilet for each cabin.

  • Our 'mono-maran' in Croatia

    Oceanis 48

    When you sail with us in Croatia your home away from home will be aboard our

    Oceanis 48- a handsome boat, which one yacht designer from Beneteau referred to as a “mono‐maran,” due to its near 3‐to‐1 beam‐to‐length ratio. In layman’s terms, that means it’s a wide boat!

    The Oceanis 48 is an expansive yacht, with plenty of space to go with its stylish good looks.

    For more pictures and details on the layout of our mono-maran, please enter your details below.

  • Our catamaran in Sardinia

    Lagoon 440

    Aside from the sheer amount of space, the stability offered by having two hulls means that the boat doesn’t heel over like a monohull–it's much more stable. There’s also a bit more privacy for those on board, as the two hulls are completely separate from one another.

    Our catamaran will have 4 spacious ensuite double cabins, 4 bathrooms and plenty of areas to sunbathe! To receive more details on the layout of our catamaran, please sign up below.

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