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    Can I come if I've never done yoga?

    Of course! We welcome yogis and yoginis of all levels, including those who have never attempted a downward dog. Yoga is about acceptance and finding what works for your body- not about headstands. All of our classes are taught with variations for all levels and we are happy to support anybody who wants to try yoga for the first time. Yacht + Yoga is a judgment-free environment, where everybody is welcome to relax and discover the bliss of mind and body connection.

    I've never sailed. Is it going to be ok?

    Yacht + Yoga is probably one of the best ways to experience sailing for the first time: we navigate a maximum of 4 hours a day and use the rest of the day to enjoy the sunshine, swim and do yoga. We sail on a catamaran, which is more spacious and stable than other smaller sailing boats. The first time you switch off the engine and feel the wind push you forward is an exhilarating experience and one which will stay with you forever. Sailing combines wind and sea, freedom and floating, sunshine and soul.

    Our captain will be an experienced certified skipper so we will be very safe.

    If you have never sailed, it is worth considering if you have ever experienced sea-sickness when taking ferries or motorboats. While a catamaran is very stable and usually induces little to no sea-sickness compared to other types of sailing boats, it still rocks gently and can be challenging for someone who is very sensitive to motion. If you are not sure whether Yacht + Yoga is a good idea for you, we recommend you take a one-day trip on a sailing boat (there are plenty of meet ups who organise such trips on a regular basis) to test your resistance to sea motion.

    Is it more a retreat or a holiday?

    Yacht + Yoga is what you want it to be. The idea is that you are on holiday, want to have fun but keep healthy and in peace with your inner self. We find that sailing promotes mindfulness and creates a beautiful connection with nature, so it is very conducive to relaxing and thinking. Many big life decisions were made on a sailing boat. Equally, having the sea as you private pool 24/7 is just so much fun. If one day you don't feel like doing yoga, that's fine. If you'd like to have a private session and really focus on your asanas, that's also good.

    What style of yoga will you be offering?

    Our teachers are all experienced yoga practitioners with many years of experience in the UK and abroad. Our yoga lessons will be hatha based with a hint of flow: we’ll apply a more gentle approach in the morning (waking up those sleepy joints!) and a combination of dynamic and gentle in the evening. Elements of meditation and breathing techniques will also be included in our lessons.

    What is your cancellation policy?

    If you’ve booked and changed your mind, we will give you a full refund until 120 days before departure. Between 119 and 91 days prior to departure, we will retain 50% of the total price of the trip. After that, we are unable to accommodate any refunds. If you have booked for a specific date and would like to move your trip to a later date, we will be happy to transfer the booking at no extra cost (dependent on availability). Please email us at info@yachtandyoga.com and we will do our best to help you find the best solution. For our Terms and Conditions please click here.

    What should I pack?

    Please pack lightly as space is limited, even on the catamaran. You will be in a swimsuit all day, so there is really no need for many clothes. Bring sunscreen, a hat and your yoga clothes, a couple of summer dresses for ladies and shirts for gentlemen, a jumper and a wind stopper. We strongly advise you to bring some boat shoes to walk around the catamaran (or just go barefoot, it's actually easier): it can be very slippery and flip flops are dangerous. We recommend you avoid using trolleys and opt for a duffle bag instead (it’s easier to fit in the cupboards).

    Shall I bring my yoga mat?

    We will provide yoga mats and any equipment required for the daily lessons. Of course, you can bring your own yoga mat, straps, blocks or bolsters if you like.

    What if the weather is bad?

    The weather in Sardinia in summer is considered one of the best for sailing. However, if the weather conditions don't allow us to go out in the sea (very unlikely, but it can happen and we cannot control it), we are happy to organise excursions on foot, or cycling or anything that interests you in the area. Attractions include trips to local farms, hiking, cycling, sightseeing, celebrity spotting at Porto Rotondo and much more.

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