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Yacht + Yoga's guide to build a conscious 2018

Make 2018 the year where your resolutions become true revolutions

525,600 minutes- how do you measure a year? Borrowing from the musical Rent, at Yacht + Yoga we do find ourselves wondering how to evaluate the year that's just been and prepare for the next. So we've worked on a quick booklet to help you navigate 2018, finding the right amount of laughter (and very little strife, hopefully), lots of sunsets, cups of coffee and yoga.

Life is not just work. Love doesn't pay the bills. It's not all about the looks. Health is all we need to survive, but not to thrive. Anybody who focuses on just one of the many aspects of our lives will fail to truly be happy.

Yacht + Yoga's approach to planning the next year is a step-by-step worksheet to think about all areas of our life: from our body to our mind and spirit, including practical aspects like finances and more soul-nourishing practices like giving back to the community.

What's a great promotion at work if you feel you're not having an impact and lack meaning in your life? That's not to say you have to quit your job and become a missionary, but that we must also feed our charitable self- in any way that works for us, our schedule, our values and our daily life.
So our 'My 2018 Voyage' booklet will lead you through the creation of your own map for 2018, guiding you towards setting goals and creating plans for:

  • your health and body: starting from the foundations of a well-functioning body is important for any other aspects of your life, so consider good nutrition, exercise and healthy habits
  • your emotional and spiritual growth: even if you are not a religious person, spirituality is one of the pillars of a peaceful mind, together with self-awareness and emotional intelligence. What aspects should you nourish this year?
  • your intimate relationships: yes, we all need sex. So also think about what you'd like in this very important area of our lives
  • your playful side: what turns back the hands of time and makes you feel like a child again? Don't forget to include plans for this- remember 'all work and no play..'
  • your relationship with your family and friends: our family and social circles are key to make us feel supported and loved. How often do you call your mum?
  • your career: this is the obvious one, so maybe try to think about it less in terms of promotions and more in terms of what you'd like to actually do.
  • your finances: it'd be silly not to think money is important. It's a great enabler for amazing plans, so build a solid financial foundation, making sure it's just a means to an end and not an end in itself.
  • your place in the community: whether we realise it or not, giving back makes us happy and fulfilled.

After the goal setting section, you'll be able to start using the monthly check-in worksheets. The monthly planner helps you to stay focused, keeping the goal in sight and well-established in your planning.
It also allows to enjoy ticking off goals you've achieved and helps you to realise and celebrate how far you've come.

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