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Yoga and sailing luxury retreat in Sardinia with Yacht + Yoga

Join us for the holiday of a lifetime, combining mindful sailing with yoga twice a day in the gorgeous turquoise waters and deserted sandy beaches of Sardinia

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La Maddalena Archipelago (departure from Olbia)


1-8 September 2018 (Saturday to Saturday)

The programme
We start the day with a 30-minute gentle flow yoga session in the morning to wake up (not too early, don't worry- you are on holiday after all!).
After a healthy breakfast on deck, we set sail for the islands, where you can snorkel, swim, dive, go for a hike on the rugged coast or just soak up the sun.

Yacht and yoga typical day

After a day of spotting dolphins, sunbathing and relaxing, we go to a nice little beach for the blissful experience of yoga at sunset. Dinner is served on board or enjoyed on land in local restaurants. Some nights we will be staying at marinas and some others in secluded bays, just you + the stars.

Yacht and Yoga_Meditation by the sea

The yacht

In Sardinia we are going 'full luxury' with a catamaran! Aside from the sheer amount of space, the stability offered by having two hulls means that the boat doesn’t heel over like a monohull–it's much more stable. There’s also a bit more privacy for those on board, as the two hulls are completely separate from one another.

Our catamaran will have 4 spacious ensuite double cabins, 4 bathrooms and plenty of areas to sunbathe!

Guests can expect an onboard menu of healthy, mostly vegetarian Mediterranean food with Sardinian delicacies. When staying at marinas, guests can venture out to local tavernas for a truly Mediterranean experience.

The yoga

We have brought yoga on a sailing boat so that you can bring the joyful and blissful experience of yoga on holiday with you. We practise twice a day, following the needs of our body and soul.

We start with a 30-minute session in the morning to wake us up. Our morning session starts with meditation and breathing techniques to focus our mind while nature is still calm and quiet. We then get the juices flowing with some hatha-based stretches and give our body the energy for a day of sun and fun.

Yacht and yoga_ feeling the wind

When the sun has gone down a bit (the Sardinian sun can be quite intense) and sunset is approaching, we head over to the beach for our second session of the day. We mindfully practise a variety of asanas for just over an hour. Then it's time for what we've all been waiting for: savasana on a beach. At sunset. Bliss.


it costs €1599 per person for 7 nights accommodation in double sized bed cabins on a sharing basis. To book email . The price includes yoga, accommodation, all food (except for 3 dinners which you’ll have to pay for at local restaurants), and all sailing related costs (fuel, mooring fees, cleaning, no surprise fees).

The itinerary
During the week we will be sailing around the 7 islands (Maddalena, Caprera, Spargi, Santo Stefano, Budelli, Rizzoli, Santa Maria) and several little ‘isolotti’ that make up the Archipelago. We will be looking for the quietest spots, most idillic beaches and bluest waters.

Our itinerary is flexible: we like following the wind and see where it takes us, as sometimes planning when sailing just doesn’t work. There might be very little wind, or too much wind, the sea might be too choppy or too cold to swim in. We cannot control the weather, so we choose to give in to spontaneity and the good old yoga adage of ‘letting go’.
We discuss the day’s itinerary with our skipper in the morning, aiming to get to these beautiful spots during the course of the week:
  • Cala Coticcio, also called Tahiti for its exotic beauty
  • The Pink Beach, where a hermit guardian looks after the precious pink sand
  • Il Manto della Madonna, the so-called “Holy Mary’s Cloak” for the otherworldly blue of this stretch of sea
  • Roccia dell’Orso, the Bear Rock, which is, as you probably guessed, shaped as a bear
  • The Relic beach
We will be walking around the picturesque La Maddalena town and will have the option to visit Garibaldi’s house, where the Italian hero spent his last days, asking for his bed to be moved to where he could gaze at “the emerald and sapphire sea”.

For more information about our trips please email us at Come and sail with us to unplug, meditate and live in the moment. Ohm!

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