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Black Friday offer: £100 off

Book with Yacht + Yoga on 25th November and sail with us for just £1399

We have all heard of Black Friday and the madness which ensues in shopping malls in America and increasingly so elsewhere in the world. We thought long and hard as to whether we wanted to part of this: we were skeptical at first and didn't like the association with inconsiderate shopping. And yet, here we are: with a Black Friday offer.

After our 2016 season we felt we wanted to thank everyone for their support and celebrate the success of a wonderful sailing and yoga experience with our guests. It's been a beautiful journey and one that we'd like to share with even more people in 2017. So we had initially thought about a Thanksgiving offer. And then it hit us: there's already a place and time for that- Black Friday.

So it is with immense gratitude towards everyone who has been in touch with Yacht + Yoga, come on our trips and shared wonderful memories, that we offer £100 off our 2017 trips on 25th November. Instead of the full £1499 per person, you'll be able to secure your spot on our catamaran for 2017 for just £1399 per person.

We are offering our signature Yacht + Yoga trips on the following dates (all Saturday to Saturday):

2 to 9 September 2017

More dates will be added soon. If you'd like to enquire and book specific dates for next summer, please email us at

To know more about pricing, itinerary and any other information about our trips, click on the links or just get in touch at, via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life. ~Rumi

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