• About Us

    Soulful Sailing

    We are a London-based start-up on a mission to help people relax and have fun. We love Italy (our founder is Italian), sailing and yoga. We liked the idea of combining all three.

    We see busy, stressed people on the tube every day and think there is something missing. We want to fix this. We want to provide a break from the hectic pace and annoying bosses to let people connect with who they really are : playful, fearless, beautiful overly-tall children.

    Escaping and finding ourselves

    We came up with the concept for Yacht + Yoga after quitting our city jobs, joining Escape The City and going travelling. While on a beautiful catamaran in Myanmar, we saw the skipper doing yoga on deck and everything clicked into place. We wanted to go back home and start doing what we love instead of what people thought we should do. Yacht + Yoga was born.

    Our Founder

    Italian-born but a Londoner at heart, Valentina worked for many years in Public Relations, which is why you might still find her name at the bottom of many a press release. She still enjoys the thrills of working with the media and getting her clients on Twitter, but a couple of years ago she decided life was too short not to do what she really loves. And that is yoga. And sailing. Ideally in the Mediterranean sea, eating amazing food and enjoying the sunshine. She trained as a yoga teacher under the guidance of Yogrishi Vishvketu, Himalayan Yoga Master & co-founder of Akhanda Yoga. She loves helping people and having fun.

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